S.B. The Anomoly began writing poetry at the age of 19.  As the years passed he found that he had an affinity for writing poetry because he didn’t have to consolidate his thoughts into small verses like when he writes a song.  He started a blog called and his poems began to spread like wild fire.  He used poetry as a way to help people through various situations and soon people started tatting his lines on their body.  Many people still reach out to him to have him write a quote for a tattoo.  Eventually a close friend of his by the name of Diana Gonzalez suggested that he turn his poetry into a book.  Shortly after the advice given manifested into reality.  Diana Gonzalez is also the FIRST person to every tattoo a quote from him. 


“Words of an Anomaly” is a poetry book designed to help people out in many social situations in life. The author Ian “SB the Anomoly” Hwang says “I try to write the words that our hearts keep silent. I feel people will like this book because it’s meant for the average person that goes through the same situations we all endure. In every poem I express my self freely and openly without worrying about appearing vulnerable or narrow minded. My honesty is the key element in my writing.” The book contains poems about love, financial struggles, hypocrisy, deceitful friends and how to make better decisions toward your happiness. There are also some pieces that are just meant to get your creative juices flowing. The author says “even though I’m focused on recording music and dancing, I wanted to create this book to help others experiencing certain dilemmas I mention in my writing. Also, I wanted to bring a smile to peoples faces” The poems in this book deliver a very intriguing perspective on various issues that transpire today. Every written work is composed of witty metaphors, vivid imagery, heartfelt sincerity and innovative ideals that truly explain why these are words of an anomaly.


The book can be ordered or purchased at any book store or online book store