SB The Anomoly


S.B. The Anomoly is a solo artist, song writer, poet, author, model, actor and choreographer. This artist born on March 12, 1987 is Italian, Dominican, Puerto Rican and Chinese.  S.B. The Anomoly has been in videos, movies and has traveled to different parts of the country performing. Born and raised in The Bronx, he came up just rhyming and dancing for fun never thinking they would have a serious place in his life. These were just hobbies that compensated for him no longer doing martial arts or sports professionally.  His goal is not to be famous, rather, just to do what he loves and use his abilities to positively impact the lives of others. His songs tend to stray away from the common commercial fads which helps him stand out. He utilizes intelligent lyrics with a catchy flow and creative punchlines in his music.  Musically he’s very hard to categorize due to the fact his versatility allows him to create various styles of music. He has been known to truly freestyle with metaphors and similes back to back for long periods of time. S.B. stands for S.t.e.a.l.t.h B.o.m.b.e.r which he chose because people always under estimate him, so its like his abilities are camouflaged by his calm demeanor and image. The “Anomoly” came from the fact many find him to be a very unique artist with the skill of a master and the modesty of a student. At 23 he dropped his first book entitled “Words of an Anomaly” which consist of poetry he has written throughout the past several years which is available on line and at your local bookstore order desk. Look out for this young man soon because his time is almost here!